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74                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

with Monsieur and the Count d'Artois. The recall
of Necker was insisted upon, and the King has
sent for him. It is said the reason of his thus
acquiescing in everything that is asked him is
that he makes a point of acting quite contrary
to Charles L in his dissensions with his people,
and he is constantly studying his history. He has
ordered the Count d'Artois and his family to leave
France, as well as the other Princes of the blood;
but Monsieur has refused to go. The Polignacs
also, who are the objects of the detestation of the
populace, are ordered away for their safety, and
Madame de Tourzel is to be surintendante des
enfans. There were only three prisoners found in
the Bastille.

M. de la Fayette is made commandant-g6núrai
de la Milice Parisienne. The people of Paris insist
on the King's coming amongst them.

July 2^th.

The King has been to Paris. M. de Beau-
veau went with him. The people would not let
the Gardes du Corps go beyond the barrieres, M.
Bailly1 presented the keys of the city to the King

i Bailly, mayor of Paris, who was subsequently guillo-
tined. It was he who made the famous answer to one